tomato grey

tomato grey

new york | hong kong


Tomato Grey is a New York-based Hong Kong-artist collective comprised of artists across disciplines.

Tomato Grey is devoted to:

  • The promotion of Hong Kong Art in New York city.
  • The fostering of cultural exchange and mutual appreciation between practitioners of arts in Hong Kong and in New York.
  • The raising of awareness of the many facets of Hong Kong's creative activities, which is achieved through regular exhibitions, performances, public lectures and other cultural activities.

Tomato is neither a fruit nor a vegetable, while grey is an achromatic color. Tomato Grey we take to signify a state of constant flux, a gesture towards embracing, rather than rejecting, this state of constant drift. As a collective of artists from Hong Kong – a city of perpetual cultural motion – we do not believe in the act of disambiguation as a cultural strategy and artistic goal, as it leads an forged singularity of origin that is dependent upon the political climate au currant. Rather, only by acknowledging the full extend of our multi-cultural, multi-national and multi-faceted heritage will then a genuine geographically-relevant artistic voice emerge.