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楊嘉輝 Samson Young

Described by contemporary music portal Sequenza 21 as “epic, dark, and fun,” Samson Young’s music often juxtaposes elements of play with intensely violent gestures to create experiences of rich darkness and perverted poetry. With formal training in classical music and a keen eye for moving images and installation-art, Young combines his expertise to create unique concert experiences.

Beyond the classical concert stage, Young's creative output spans the widest possible range: from music for symphony orchestra and electronics, to amusement-ride-turned-sound-installation, to video-theatre featuring himself dressed as a teletubby. In June 2007, Young became the first Hong Kong artist to receive the Bloomberg Emerging Artist Award with his “Happiest Hour” - a collection of Nintendo gameboy-inspired audio-visual installations. Young is currently Hong Kong Sinfonietta's artist assoicate, a collaboration that will result in several new works for the orchestra.

Young's compositions, installations and multimedia works have been presented in such festival as the Sydney Springs International New Music Festival (Australia 2001) and Canberra International Music Festival (Australia 2008); Bowdoin International Music Festival (US 2004) and Bang on a Can Music Summer Music Festival (US 2005); Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (Germany 2006); Dark Music Days (Iceland 2008); Microwave International New Media Arts Festival (HK 2004) and October Contemporary (HK 2007). Young is a Ph.D fellow at Princeton University's department of music under the auspices of a Princeton University Fellowship and Naumburg Prize. His mentors in composition include Hing-yan Chan, and electronic music pioneer Paul Lanksy. In addition, he has studied privately and in masterclasses with George Crumb, Toshio Hosokawa, Helmut Lachenmann, and Steve Reich.

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