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No Transnational-Liquid Borders and Empty Promises

No Trans-national - Liquid borders and Empty Promises Post-colonialism is long due for a facelift - since Edward Said's epic Orientalism, issues pertaining to post-colonial identity formation have been beaten to death by countless individuals. As conceptual fashion comes and goes in the chase after the elusive realities of our times, trans-nationalism seems to have become one of the most popular concepts of choice. We are, as many now claim, trans-national and internationalized individuals. Trans-nationalism is seductive: it redirects attention away from identity politics and to the grounded practice of everyday life. But it also shares with the empty word of globalization an exaggerated emphasis on flows, border-crossing, and hybridization against the evidence of the great majority of humankind: we lead relatively settled lives unless pulled or pushed into mobility. Cultural identity, whether real or imagined, are persistent attachments. But perhaps most importantly: trans-nationalism seems to require no need to blatantly legitimate itself, to justify its own ends. We may theorize about trans-national international artists, but where is a truly trans-national art to be found? No Trans-nationalism seeks to reassess trans-nationalism, to reveal its limits and unveil its hidden political agenda by reading a body of Hong Kong art against the city's tireless and self-conscious claim to be Asia's world city.


01 Third Text Vol 28 Issue 1 Approaching the Infinite Narrative 2

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